Karen Willcox runs QuirkyLime between school runs and designing books. QuirkyLime is a design studio specialising in transforming your child’s drawings into wall worthy art…or rather…Junior Masterpieces.  They are bright, larger than life reproductions of your child’s favourite drawings. Each new commission captures a child’s story and every intricate detail makes it unique to you and your family.


Junior Masterpieces was created by accident in December 2015. Karen loved her two daughters' drawings produced at home and school but at the same time was unsure what to do with the sheer volume of artwork. Trying to keep her life simple and minimal she started selecting the best ones and using them for presents and as wrapping paper. The ones she really liked and wanted to enjoy for longer, she would edit, print and display  them in their home or give away as presents.    

Karen's friend Mary saw one of the prints and wanted something similar for her husband’s 40th birthday. This became the first family portrait produced by QuirkyLime and is now a very popular commission. By word of mouth Karen got more and more requests and has steadily grown her business ever since.  She loves receiving new drawings and looking at the world from a child’s perspective, then creating something unique and personal…..the best part for Karen is seeing the look of joy on her client’s face.

The first ever Junior Masterpiece drawn by Dora, 3 at the time, turned into a screen print.



Karen was raised in the Netherlands and moved  to the UK  to study architecture.  After graduating from University College London she moved to Spain for 5 years and started her book design studio where she spent her time designing, and creating beautiful coffee table books about architecture. From 2007 she lived in Winchester with David and their two creative daughters Lotta and Dora. September 2018 they have embarked on a family adventure to France. Karen now combines book design, the QuirkyLime design studio, learning French and being mum from St Germain en Laye.

In her spare time Karen and family love the outdoors and can often be found running or windsurfing (not so much in France) ... with lots of drawing and crafts in between!