How to make children's drawings look even better

As parents we all love our children’s drawings, but often they draw something you really didn’t want them to add. ‘Why did they have to add that 3rd child we don’t have’, ‘we don’t have a dog’ or ‘I wish they hadn’t made that bright yellow’. This is where Junior Masterpieces can help you.

Children grow up so quickly; from 3 years old onwards they can create the most inventive stories, free, liberated and creative drawings. Heads with legs as people, animals as they see them, cars with 8 wheels. They create beautiful timeless images. These are memories you really want to keep. Some are just too special to keep in a pile, in a box in the attic in between other 'forgotten' memories.

Junior Masterpieces was born to do exactly that. You choose your favourite and most memorable drawing. It can be transformed into wall worthy art. Your children’s drawing can be used as grown up art. It might need a little edit, just a little clean up, add some colour and add a date.

The aim is to use your child’s creative output whilst making sure outlines are clear and replacing colours with the QuirkyLime palette to clean and brighten the image. The background is added last to achieve the real “wow” factor.  This creates the strong, vibrant look of Junior Masterpieces. Adding a date or age to a child’s drawing places it in the timeline of your family story.

I want a Junior Masterpiece

If you have a drawing, order directly in my shop, or to get a rough estimate click here.  Scan or photograph your favourite drawing, or commission your own children to draw your family. Email me the drawing and we go from there. We agree on a price and final product of your choice, or various products! (print, mugs, placemats and other products are all possible) We need two to three weeks to create the artwork and we will send you the final design of the artwork to make minor edits. Once approved it will be printed and a framing service is available at additional cost too.

I am always looking for new ideas, so if you are looking for something different please contact me as I love to experiment with new or unusual ideas.