Fathersday Workshop

We are going to try a new angle. I have had parents say, ‘I never get my children to draw’ or ‘I can’t draw, how can I do it with them’. First off all, don’t let your children hear you! Kids are amazing drawers, their mind is free and have no boundaries.. which is why I love their drawings, honest reflections of their vision!

We are organising a workshop this Friday at the Consortium, for those who would love a family portrait but can’t get their children to draw! You have to stay on the premise but we have tea and you can have a browse at Mint Tea Boutique and the Consortium while we draw with your kids. 

They only thing is you have to commit to buying a print, which will be ready for fathers day. It doesn’t need to be a family portrait it can be whatever you desire. Please email me (karen@quirkylime.com) or call me 07880578496 to book a time between 10-4 this friday the 2nd of June 2017.