Books for inspiration for tomorrows challenge

don't tell the youngsters, but we are going to be drawing animals, yes not my strongest either. We had a democratic vote at home with the girls, and the vote was 2-1 for animals.

Don't worry, I will add an A4 print out of the animal of the day. This can be used to colour in, or copy. I will add a few sample animal images too, (Lotta likes drawing from an visual image). It is not about the best one, it is about given it a go. They are all very colourful animals, so the colours can easily overwhelm the less accurate drawing.

I wanted to showcase a few nice animal books. My day job is a book designer, which means I have an even softer spot for beautiful designed books than maybe the average parent. Children books are in another league these days. I wanted to show a few books I have bought over the years. 

Zooology by Joelle Jolivet 

A great book for the younger ones. It has loads of images with the animals name only. The girls end up remembering a lot of the animals by name. It is divided in different sections like black & white, spots & stripes and large & small.

Creaturepedia by Adrienne Barman 

This is an amazing book, 208 pages of all sorts of animals, grouped in a great way, the show-offs, the sprinters, the masters of camouflage and the champion breath-holders (did you know the seal can hold its breath for 100 minutes!).

The Wonder Garden by Kristjana S Williams (written by Jenny Broom)

This book is a visual gem, it is just beautiful. Each year I buy the girls a book as a sort of growing collection of beautiful books. This one I bought because I just fell in love with the magical feel of the illustrations. They choose environments, different climates and conditions as chapters, there are less animals is this book, but a lot more information about the chosen animals. Arguably I think Dora, at seven and a half, is a little young for the detailed information in this book. She’ll grow into it!