Last week was an exciting week. The previous week I had submitted an Instagram photo to enter an Etsy competition to be featured on their first ever TV advertisement. I entered these two photos:

IMG_3352   IMG_3354

On Sunday I got the message I was picked of 1200 entries and would be 1 of 50 makers to be part of the ad. See all the entries were pretty diverse. Hugely excited I went to London on Wednesday for a days filming. The best part by far, was meeting other like minded people. Luckily the weather was great as the ad took an amazing long time to shoot. I am not allowed to share any photos yet apart from these two Etsy has given us:


ETSY_TV10This dog had 3 clothes changes from a bridal outfit to this coat. The clothes were by one of the makers in the ad. We on the other hand had to repeat one action for 5 hours, though I am convinced the ad will be very cool. The selection of products was amazingly diverse from clothes, headwear, teatowels, yarn to jewellery, painted glass and pillows. I met some great people who are way ahead of what I am hoping to achieve, but also people who are like me juggling everything. More than anything I realised I can do it too and also how Etsy as a sales platform will really help (and how I have underused it).

The ad will be out this summer and I hope it will give QuirkyLime a real boost. The add itself? I think you might be lucky if you spot me at all. I hope the bright colourful posters will be visible. When you see the add you will know what I mean.

One of people I met there was Jules, she has a little vintage shop in Oxford. She has posted a blog about it. I hope to visit her shop soon as it looks great and some Don't lose the Plot posters would look great too!

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 14.37.56