Professional photoshoot

My first photo shoot.

I left Winchester at 7. 2.5 hours later, I unpacked the huge amount of products, frames and props I had brought. The studio was so much smaller than the photos I had seen online, but it was also so much more homely than the photos, there were plants everywhere. I looked like a plant rescue. 

I had a stylist and the photographer for the day, so I was going to take notes on all the expertise and experience these people had. I let them do their thing, I bit my tongue a few times, but I remembered I was here for their expertise. And I am so glad I let them to their thing. The stylist Mugdha had the coolest job. with the props, she told a story with each print. The more we photographed the freer it became. MT tape stole the show, all the props were used in many different ways. it was a great learning curve for me.

Next time, I will have a list of photos I want. The top shoots were the most fun. Having the camera high up so you can create an image on the floor, this allows you to defy gravity in your photos, and you create amazing images. I think I might try it myself at home. 

Lighting and consistency were key. if you look at my updated website you can see the consistency and coherence of the images. They all have the same chimney breast and the same grey wall. As the products were similar but different, so you could go wild on the props. 

I will now set twice as much time to do photography as I would have had done otherwise. I will put on the french radio and take my shoes off like in Yeshen’s studio and hopefully, we can recreate the peace and calmness of the shoot… ah and I am going to buy some more house plants, that reminded me of my home in Holland.

Professional photoshoot; Photographer Yeshen Venema, London and the stylist Mugdha Sapte