2014 Calendar - Sneak review

Today three big boxes arrived with the 2014 calendar, another little box arrived with 75 m of ribbon, guess what I will be doing every night for the next three weeks! Here is a little peek of this years colour. The weekends are clearer with a bold coloured box and I have used one colour to keep the layout simple and optimal for a well organised life. It is still screen printed so the colour is beautiful bold and very pure.

I will start to take pre orders soon, watch my facebook page for more news, I hope you can like me while you are there!



New 2012 wall calendar on sale

After a long learning process I have screen printed 40 calendars. It has been a long but really challenging process to create the calendar I wanted. To print it on card directly was my main objective. I have printed it on willow green, snow white and silver grey, all very subtle and light colours so you can write on it with any type of pen. What is great with screen printing, is that it allows you to use real vivid colours using ready mixed paint. And for me the most amazing part of screen printing is the touch, feel the calendar, brush your fingers over it, and you can feel the paint sitting on the card, I get really excited about that!

This is the third year of the calendar and it has evolved again. To make it possible for me to screen print it (to print it straight onto card) It had to be divided into three sections; each piece is printed twice adding one colour at a time. In each corner you can see a cross which helps align the screens to print each colour in the right place. the calendar is basically unique as each one is made by hand it is ever so slightly different to the next one.

The size is A1 (84 x 60cm or 33 x 23 inches) It being in three parts actually makes it deliverable by mail and the pretty ribbon and rounded corners make it that little more quirky. So a winner in all ways!

I introduce this as my first Quirky Lime product. Quirky Lime will produce quality and beautiful but slightly quirky objects (products should develop when I experiment more with screen printing). To buy it (and have it send by post) go here or email me for pickup in Winchester. Oh yes it costs £20.