Your sons scribbles pride of place in the living room, in one step

Every parent has a stash of their children's drawings which are too nice to throw away but not quite good enough to frame on the wall. Here is your answer: transform them into a junior Masterpiece. 

This is a little case study, explaining the process.

Let's say your four-year-old son, doesn't draw much, but then one day you see him scribbling away on the back of a crumbled, coffee stained utility bill. He has a pencil and is drawing, the papa very tall, the mama near him and his sister next to him, much smaller than him, even though she is the tallest in the class and is two years older. With all his concentration he manages to write everybody's name. There you go, The best masterpiece ever, your family by your own son..... but why did he draw it on that piece of paper, off he goes into the garden.

With a drawing like this you can make the best, the most original and the most personal gift in the world. In only one step. Hand it over it me, and I will transform your son's creativity into a piece of art that will suit your interior and hang proudly in your room, no utility bill and no coffee stains.

enough chat here is the proof:

How to draw... Background colours

You have made a decision to embark on creating a masterpiece with your child. First piece of advise is don’t rush it, when they get into drawing they might be really slow, but they will be thinking about all the details you will not have thought about. They can do each person on a different sheet of paper, get the children to write the names and date & year.

You now get to choose the background colour. Generally I would choose a colour that isn’t used much in the drawings. Or if you have a particular colour that you like or might suit your interior, see if you can take the colour away from the drawing table so your child won’t use it too much.

Below are the colours and their names, in the product page you have a pull down menu where you can choose the colour.