the original art work

This is the vital and core ingredient of a Junior Masterpiece. On the whole, any drawing you love is possible of being transformed into a masterpiece. Below I have included a variety of drawings we have used in the past. 

Most importantly is how you supply me the art. We can work from either your child’s original artwork or from a scanned image, please contact us if you are unsure or would like some more guidance.


Images or portraits can be drawn on separate sheets of A4 as we can assemble one picture from multiple drawings. We recommend adding names, a date or a title to enhance your print to give it a place in time, collate all this and after placing your order, email your scanned drawings to 


Please scan all artwork in colour at 300-600 DPI (dots per inch) at 100% as a jpg, jpeg or pdf format. We will notify you if we have any issues with the quality of the scanned artwork. 

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