Create beautiful lasting memories from your children's drawings. Children grow up fast and what better way to capture their childhood innocence than to make wall worthy art in the form of a Junior Masterpiece.


It all starts with a child's drawing, either newly created or a drawing created years ago. We can work from either the original artwork or from scanned drawings and accept simple one line drawings as photos. 

Your child's drawing is the foundation for the Junior Masterpiece.  We enhance the outlines and add colour from the QuirkyLime palette to brighten the image, creating our strong, vibrant signature look. The background is added last to achieve the real 'wow’ factor and can be designed to complement any interior colour scheme.  

We can add names, a date or title to enhance your print and give it a place in time.  Your Junior Masterpiece is available framed or unframed.

To discuss options and timings for your Junior Masterpiece email or call us on 07880 578496.


See the shop for our most popular products…we do offer a bespoke service and love new ideas if you have something else in mind! It is a collaborative process, where you can have as much or as little input as you wish

Sending us the original artwork:

10 South View
SO22 5EL - UK

Please send your artwork by recorded delivery.

Scanning/emailing us the artwork:

Please scan your image in colour at 300-600 DPI (dots per inch) at 100% in a jpg or jpeg format. if you want to send .tiff please use wetransfer.  Images or portraits can be drawn on separate sheets of A4 and we assemble one picture from multiple drawings.  We will notify you if we have any issues with the quality of the scanned image. 

Please send your scanned image to:

Both Rosie and my husband loved the picture. You got some great compliments from our friends, one of which is very keen for a print! Thanks again

Standard print sizes. Other size options available